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This page is for gals everywhere.. Expression and Passion is the key here.. Share everything that is about being a Gal~


This blog is by ♥gyaruhime♥

Random questions:

  • What is the song playing in your playlist? (Newest-Oldest)

- Love is Blind by Kana Nishino

- Glitter by Ayumi Hamasaki

- Esperanza by Kana Nishino

  • If I submit a text, will you make it to a picture?

- Yes, I make it into those little pictures :3

Gyaru-related questions:

  • Can you recommend Gyaru Blogs that are still active?

- gorogoroiuu, gyarugal, dialovers, gilfysgyaru, aliali2, lovemky, gyarulife, rivriv, nox-dracul, happy-clam, gyarucouture, samispo0n, xxileftmyheartintokyo, myfavegyarucoords, ulzzanggyaru, popcutie,

  • Can everyone be a Gal?

- Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re not Asian or have a different body size.. As long as you love the fashion style and dress as one, you can be a Gal..

  • Do I have to have a tan to be a Gal?

- No.. That’s just a myth.. Nowadays, white gals are called ‘Shiro Gyaru’.. Nevertheless, tanned or not; it’s okay! :)

  • What site do you recommend for circle lenses?

- PinkyParadise

  • What ‘power’ do I need for the circle lenses?

- Usually it’s just “0.0/0.00+” (just choose the one with zeroes).. Choose this only if you don’t use glasses nor have any problems with your eyes..

  • What circle lens size do you recommend?

- For starters, 14.5mm.. Since it gives of a different feeling than normal lenses, you should get used to wearing this size first then you can get 15mm+

  • Do I need to have Gal-branded clothes?

- No~ It doesn’t mean that if you want to be a Gal, you should only wear the branded ones.. Since Western fashion is adapting to Japanese fashion as well (and vice versa) you can find tons of clothes that you can use for your coordinates..

  • Can you recommend where I can buy Gyaru-like clothes in Western Shops?

- I really can’t name all brands since some brands doesn’t have any manufactures in different countries but Forever21 and H&M are one good department stores to get clothes..

  • Do Gyaru-branded clothes ship internationally?

- There are various sites which can help you get Gyaru-branded clothes through their services.. I recommend CDJapan, since I order here frequently.. You can use credit card and Paypal as payments.. ^^

  • What are the main points of a Gyaru look?

- Most important is the Eye Make (eye makeup); fake eyelashes, lower lashes (sometimes not all gals do this part since it’s quite complicated), circle lenses (or anything that would make your eyes look rather ‘dolly’).. Hair; curled/straight/short/long/blonde/black/brown.. it doesn’t matter! As long their is this eccentric look~

more faqs soon~ :3

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